Sunday, July 2, 2017

Recording: APA

Artist: APA

Songs: APA - [two excerpts]

Recorded at Ratio (Decreation – Night 4), June 10, 2017.

APA - [excerpt 1]

APA - [edited excerpt #2]

Given the internal and external pressures that come to bear, it's no surprise that no DIY space lasts forever. It still made it a sad occasion to learn that Ratio was winding down its active presence, news leavened slightly with the corresponding announcement of a series of farewell shows, with many artists making a final return to the space. Never playing the same set twice, Xuan Ye deployed a couple different technologies in her set, unified by some underlying sonic disruptions. The first section saw her on laptop and phone, creating soundbursts trickling beneath wibble-wobble glitchnoise. After investigating the possible sounds to be derived from looping a microphone being shaken around in a backpack, the mic was given further percussive duties, thudding against the wood of the piano. Later on, a melodica would make an appearance, its reediness hinting at accordion-sounds and suggesting some kind of bizarro-world Parisian café tune.

[Stay tuned for the forthcoming details of APA's CD launch event.]

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