Friday, April 7, 2017

Recording: Tranz DéFoncé

Artist: Tranz DéFoncé

Songs: [two presumably-untitled pieces]

Recorded at The Dupe Shop, March 5, 2017.

Tranz DéFoncé - unknown

Tranz DéFoncé - unknown

This new Storefront location for not only brings cassette production and other services closer to the people that are most likely to use them, they're also serving as a community hub, hosting a series of shows and mixtape exchanges. This Sunday afternoon show pulled three bands from their garages for a rawkin' good time. When a random passer-by sees a band playing in a store, comes in to watch, and then grabs a mic to start singing, most bands would take umbrage. Tranz DéFoncé are not most bands. Even on what was mentioned as their last-ever show, this junk-rock supergroup took the volunteer in stride, encouraging more than just tolerating the unexpected turn of events and adding one more random element to their noisy thrum.

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