Friday, April 14, 2017

Recording: HARP

Artist: HARP

Songs: Trace [composer: Patrick O'Reilly] + Stockholm [composer: Andrew Downing]

Recorded at Array Space (Somewhere There's Second Sunday Series), March 12, 2017.

HARP - Trace

HARP - Stockholm

On the first night of the hated daylight savings time and in the face of winter's last threatened snowblast before the spring, Somewhere There presented this cozy night in their Second Sunday of the month series. Alphabetically named from the initials of players Harry Vetro (percussion), Andrew Downing (double bass), Russell Matthews (sax) and Patrick O'Reilly (guit), this group presented pieces from each of the players (including another of the picture-scores that Vetro had presented earlier in the night), mixing O'Reilley's deftly-echoplexed guitar twists with Downing's balladic grace.

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