Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Recording: Buligan/Adjemian/Fava

Artist: Nicolas Buligan/Jonathan Adjemian/Matthew Fava

Songs: Burdocks, Part VI [composer: Christian Wolff] + In Memoriam Robert Ashley [composer: Allison Cameron]

Recorded at Canadian Music Centre (Composer's Toolbox: Contemporary Compositional Resources), March 16, 2017.

Buligan/Adjemian/Fava - Burdocks, Part VI

Buligan/Adjemian/Fava - In Memoriam Robert Ashley

This very tasty event at the CMC presented Allison Cameron in conversation, discussing a range of possibilities in the field of composition — especially around the use of non-traditional notation. Looking across a variety of traditions (from Korean courtly music to European modernism), Cameron considered a musical score as "a mystery that can only be realized in performance" and examined how giving up the composer's strict control can open and give life to a piece. Her points were re-examined in a short performance segment, with this "pickup band" (consisting of Nicolas Buligan on trumpet, Jonathan Adjemian on synth, and Matthew Fava on violin) tackling a few graphic scores.

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