Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Recording: Prone

Artist: Prone

Song: unknown*

Recorded at Handlebar (Nite Comfort 40), December 4, 2016.

Prone - unknown

This edition of the Nite welcomed a crew from out Boston way and many, many wires to the stage. Besides two sets of modular synth tastiness, perhaps the most satisfying element was the live visual synthesis performed by Christopher Konopka, mixing analog signals to create evolving patterns projected behind the musicians. Tim Davison's set was more like a flowing topographical journey than a series of songs, starting and ending with crawling, menacing gazowps and bleepblopblurps — the best parts here were prone by vibe as well as name.

[Nite Comfort took January off, but returns to Handlebar on Sunday, February 5th.]

* Does anyone know if this section has a title? Please leave a comment!

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