Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Recording: LA LUNA

Artist: LA LUNA

Songs: Broken Heart Emoji + Always Already

Recorded at The Gladstone Hotel's Melody Bar (Long Winter 5.2), January 6, 2017.

LA LUNA - Broken Heart Emoji

LA LUNA - Always Already

This quartet's genre tags on their bandcamp includes the string "emo emotional emotive emoviolence", which manages to convey a certain aesthetic sensibility. Live, they gave the impression of loudfastpunks who were learning to slow down, with grinding instrumental passages punctuated by counterpoint co-screaming from guitarist Nicolas Field and bassist Alex Kurth before vocalist Vanessa Gloux would return to the fray to push the song forward.

[You can also see some video over on Brandon Caswell Douglas' playlist from the night.]

[Long Winter continues this Saturday (February 4th) with the action moving to The Theatre Centre, featuring music by Devon Welsh, Off World, Saidah Conrad, Germaphobes, L CON, Ivy Mairi, FIN, Young Clancy, Roberto and Vibrant Matter.]

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