Friday, October 30, 2015

Recording: Slim Twig

Artist: Slim Twig

Songs: Textiles On Mainstreet + Cannabis [Serge Gainsbourg cover]

Recorded at The Horseshoe Tavern, October 21, 2015.

Slim Twig - Textiles On Mainstreet

Slim Twig - Cannabis

This hometown celebration for the new Thank You For Stickin' With Twig saw Max Turnbull playing with a crew of his frequent musical associates, even if it was a rather different band than he'd brought to the Silver Dollar earlier this year. With Meg Remy busy conquering Europe as U.S. Girls there were no keybs, the gap instead filled with guitars. Lotsa guitars. The core quintet saw the Flying V-sporting Turnbull joined by Simone T-B on drums, Tim Westberg on bass and the expatriated-to-London Anthony Nemet (Actual Water) on guit. That provided plenty crunch as the band rolled through a series of glam-powered rockout versions of songs from the new album, but to up the ante for the finale, the band added Matt "Doc" Dunn and Matty Dee — two more lead guitarists to power through Bowie's "Black Country Rock" and Serge Gainsbourg's "Cannabis", as well as a brand new tune. Quite a wall of sound and a wallop of good ol' Slim Twig ostentatious maximalism.

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