Sunday, October 18, 2015

Recording: Body Help

Artist: Body Help

Song: [second piece]

Recorded at Dundas Video ("Track Could Bend #7"), October 6, 2015.

Body Help - [second piece]

Body Help melds Kieran Adams' push/pull horizontal drum patterns, Josh Cole's treasure hunt vertical bass excursions and Colin Fisher's fourth-dimensional guitar haze-clouds into a slowly-pulsating sphere of abstract funk — a journey that you take while sitting down in one place. Gigs tend to come in occasional clumps, so keep an eye out for more — and word is that there's a second recording from the trio on the horizon.

[The next Track Could Bend — featuring SlowPitchSound, APA, and Jack Vorvis & Scott Thomson — will be at Dundas Video on Tuesday, November 3rd.]

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  1. funny, we actually play one of the tunes from the new album here. even though its all improvised :)