Friday, October 9, 2015

Recording: In The Sea feat. Tristan Honsinger

Artist: In The Sea feat. Tristan Honsinger

Song: [excerpt from third piece]

Recorded at The Music Gallery, September 25, 2015.

In The Sea feat. Tristan Honsinger - [excerpt from third piece]

The Music Gallery launched the home portion of its fortieth season with a night exploring a couple quite different directions for cello. Leading off with the prog-pop of The Visit, the night concluded with something else entirely as Amsterdam-based American expat Tristan Honsinger teamed up with Montréal's In The Sea. Honsinger, a longstanding figure in the continental improvised scene known for his collaborations with Cecil Taylor and Derek Bailey, looks like he could also be the star of a series of silent figure comedies, his pliable countenance mugging to express broad emotions. Draped over his cello as if it were the only thing holding him up, he'd nevertheless occasionally spring to his feet to gesticulate wildly, or sing, or make surrealistic pronouncements. (This piece asks the all-important musical question, "is time a tomato?") None of that subtracted from the quality of his playing, even if he seemed utterly unbound by mere technique, veering from skronky abstract minuets to jaunty sea-shanties.

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