Thursday, September 3, 2015

Recording: Imaginary Flesh

Artist: Imaginary Flesh

Songs: two sections from "Seven Haab Out of Xi Boötis"*

Recorded at Handlebar, August 22, 2015.

Imaginary Flesh - Seven Haab Out of Xi Boötis [drone section]

Imaginary Flesh - Seven Haab Out of Xi Boötis [krautrock section]

Though not playing out too much (there was only one show in the interim), Cory Latkovich's Imaginary Flesh have been making immense strides through time and space since I last saw 'em. This Tad Michalak-curated gig saw the five-piece devote their entire forty-minute set to this ambitiously-sprawling new piece that heightens (and/or implodes) all previous expectations of the group — and its trajectory away from its previous incarnation. There's certainly a composerly architecture and plenty 'nuff fiddly moments to warrant the scores the musicians were consulting, but sonically more than ever this cashes out as rock music — even if one means that in the deliberately-arranged proggy way. Playing in a bar (rather than a more sedate experimental music space) also gave the band room to crank up the volume and explore the dynamics of the piece's peaks and valleys. Losing drummer D. Alex Meeks to educational leave probably means that pace of shows isn't going to pick up any time soon, but the band recently completed some recording sessions that will see the light of day by and by. For now, here's a couple sections as heard in the rough.

[Cory Latkovich and guitarist Rob Grieve will be performing as Dreamed Meat at this Saturday's Intersection festival.]

* I understand there is a formal delineation of this piece's sections. I will update this accordingly if I can refine the titles.

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