Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Recording: Holy Fuck

Artist: Holy Fuck

Song: Exed Eyes*

Recorded at Artscape Gibraltar Point (Wavelength 678: Camp Wavelength), August 28, 2015.

Holy Fuck - Exed Eyes

You can read my general notes on Camp Wavelength here. Another burst of movement from the mostly-inactive Holy Fuck crew, with a set featuring a whole bunch of new songs. The last time I saw 'em stick their heads up turned out to be a bit of a false start in their reactivation plans, but there are now some promising stirrings afoot, even if the members' other projects (including Brian Borcherdt's LIDS and Graham Walsh's Etiquette, who both also played at Camp Wavelength) are still keeping them busy.

* Thanks to the band for passing along the (at least for now) title to this one.

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