Friday, September 25, 2015

Recording: Fresh Snow

Artist: Fresh Snow

Songs: Prelude Drone Pt. I [feat. Doomsquad] + Pt. II, Proper Burial [feat. Carmen Elle]

Recorded at Smiling Buddha (basement + main stage), September 9, 2015.

Fresh Snow - Prelude Drone Pt. I [feat. Doomsquad]

Fresh Snow - Prelude Drone Pt. II

Fresh Snow - Proper Burial [feat. Carmen Elle]

Celebrating the release of their long-awaited new EP, Fresh Snow integrated a couple one-of-a-kind moments into their release show. It actually started down in the basement, where half the band were joined by members of Doomsquad, also clad in Fresh Show's trademark balaclavas, crouched over keyboards and loop pedals, churning out a slowly-rising ambient drone. Drummer Jon Maki wandered through the crowd ringing chimes, and after a few minutes, the Fresh Snow members left one by one to make their way upstairs to the main stage. There, Tim Condon was holding his own drone séance, the sounds becoming more complicated as the others joined him and finally kicked into the first proper song. Mid-set, there was another special guest when Carmen Elle (of DIANA and Army Girls) took the stage to reprise the vocal that she laid down on the new EP. These moments might not get repeated any time soon, so here they are.

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