Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Recording: M+M+M+

Artist: M+M+M+ [Mirrors + Manticore + Moonwood]

Song: [edited excerpt]

Recorded at Ratio, May 29, 2015.

M+M+M+ - [edited excerpt]

What started off as a casual aside ("You could slot Mirrors between Manticore and Moonwood") ended up being the impetus for this gig, gathering all three bands together for a night of drone-influenced pop (pop-influenced drones?) at Ratio.

Jakob from Moonwood was the first one to suggest that the night should end with an all-hands-on-deck improvisation, but all the musicians were quickly on board with the idea. Putting nine people together on stage at once could be a recipe for cacophony, but everyone played with admirable restraint, extending the spare, droney sounds from their own sets to create a loosely-woven sonic tapestry where fragments of each of the band's styles had chances to bubble to the surface.

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