Thursday, June 4, 2015

Recording: Etiquette

Artist: Etiquette

Song: Attention Seeker

Recorded at Artscape Gibraltar Point ("EXVEE"), May 30, 2015.

Etiquette - Attention Seeker

Celebrating fifteen years as a retreat and incubator for the arts, Artscape Gibraltar Point decided to throw itself a big party, a day of music and secular blessings. Rain early on kept the crowds away somewhat, but it turned into a fairly pleasant day, with music in the backyard tent going ahead from late afternoon to late at night.

Having missed several chances to see this atmospheric new project from Julie Fader and Graham Walsh, I was glad to catch 'em leading off on the backyard stage, even if their music might be more at home in the slinky dark of night. No matter, though — a bit of cool/damp afternoon fog worked just as well and the band (propelled by fill-in drummer Loel Campbell) evoked the vibe nicely.

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