Saturday, September 6, 2014

Recording: Light Fires

Artist: Light Fires

Song: Bumble Bee [Meryn Cadell cover]

Recorded at SummerWorks Festival – Lower Ossington Theatre Cabaret ("Do I Have To Do Everything My Fucking Self?"), August 15, 2015.

Light Fires - Bumble Bee

Get fabulous! Remounting and revamping a production that originally debuted at this year's Rhubarb Festival, Regina took over the L.O.T.'s cabaret space for a multi-night run. The show mixed songs, poems, and sassy talk, just as the presentation was a mix of sophisticated glamour, D.I.Y. moxie and a boy standing in front of the mirror, modelling his mother's scarf while his parents are away.

Director Adam Lazarus did an admirable job of stripping away any distractions, keeping the focus on the star on stage. Topics ranged from farmers' markets, to Meryn Cadell, to Charlie's Angels and beyond, as the borders between Regina and creator Reg Vermue dissolved away during reminiscences about growing up in Guelph. This was fun and energetic throughout, never losing momentum. Long may Regina reign!

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