Saturday, September 6, 2014

Recording: The Bicycles

Artist: The Bicycles

Songs: Discovery + Yessir

Recorded at SummerWorks Festival – Lower Ossington Mainspace ("Young Drones"), August 15, 2015.

The Bicycles - Discovery

The Bicycles - Yessir

A commanding return for The Bicycles' rock opera, which made its debut at last year's festival. These Mark II drones were a bit more streamlined than their predecessors — the production stripped away the dance element and brought John Southworth in to act as a narrator, helping to tighten the focus on the story. Amy Siegel's excellent live animation remained at the heart of the presentation, and even that had a few tweaks, including the addition of a lovable sidekick.

None of that would work, however, if the music didn't stand up — and as the release of these songs on a soundtrack album shows, this is some of the best stuff the Bikes have even done. From last year to this, a very exciting example of what can happen when artists are given a challenge and a stage to develop new ideas.

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