Friday, September 19, 2014

Recording: Comet Control

Artist: Comet Control

Song: The Soft Parade

Recorded at Vintage & Flea Outdoor Market (Wavelength 611: "Endless Summer Mini-Festival"), August 16, 2014.

Comet Control - The Soft Parade

Full review to follow. Closing out a full day of music, Comet Control had to overcome some adverse conditions when it became clear that the makeshift stage setup had too few circuits for too much gear (and lights and who knows what else) and the PA conked out a couple times. Drummer Jay Anderson kept things rolling as things were hurriedly fixed, and once the band got rolling it was a fitting and powerful way to finish things off.

[Comet Control are playing a free show tonight (Sept 19th) at Adelaide Hall, opening for Kevin Drew. RSVP/more info here.]

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