Friday, August 29, 2014

Recording: Spencer Burton

Artist: Spencer Burton

Song: Death Of Gold

Recorded at Dufferin Grove Park, August 6, 2014.

Spencer Burton - Death Of Gold

Full review to follow. Ending a short tour that took them to Sackville's SappyFest and back, this vanload of pals celebrated their homecoming with a casual evening in Dufferin Grove Park. There were shades of Matt Cully's Poor Pilgrim island shows here, with the modest, portable PA lifting the voices above the sounds of the city creeping in at the edges and curious passers-by occasionally pausing to listen in.

For his forthcoming album, Burton has moved himself out front, eschewing the Grey Kingdom moniker that has so far been the vehicle for his post Attack In Black solo releases. He played only an abbreviated three-song set here, but gave some glimpses into the direct songwriting that's presumably going to be in evidence on that new one.

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