Sunday, August 31, 2014

Recording: Army Girls

Artist: Army Girls

Songs: Twice + White Towel

Recorded at SummerWorks Festival – S--------- Studio Theatre ("Failure Fest"), August 9, 2014.

Army Girls - Twice

Army Girls - White Towel

Full review to follow. A slight resolution to a what might have been question, local duo Army Girls made what might have become their debut full-length album — but weren't entirely satisfied with the recording. Sometimes when you work so hard on something that doesn't work out you just have to let it go, and the album was shelved and the songs dropped from the band's repertoire.

As a final (and public) peace-making with/burial of these songs, the Andy Smith and Carmen Elle resolved to play them one last time — but to symbolize the fraught nature of their relationship with this music, they were joined by Cara Spooner, who provided "performative disruptions" that kept the musicians from easily accomplishing their tasks. This was achieved by employing the whole of the dance performance space for the show, with Spooner wheeling the guitar amp around (forcing Carmen Elle to follow behind) and, at one point, moving the entire drumkit piece by piece across the room. These feats were meticulously choreographed (while managing to feel entirely spontaneous) and created a unique — and wholly entertaining — night. There's several of these songs that I'll miss, but I'll remember this show well. One of the year's best, in fact.

Bonus! By sheer chance, one of those creative disruptions unfolded right in front of where I was standing, so here's some visual evidence:

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