Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Recording: Christopher Willes

Artist: Christopher Willes + Ensemble

Song: Blow/Draw [excerpt]*

Recorded at The Tranzac (Main Hall), December 10, 2013.

Christopher Willes + Ensemble - Blow/Draw [excerpt]

Full review to follow. This led off an exciting night of New Music at The Tranzac, with the ensemble (containing several noteworthy improvisers1) spread around the room such that it was hard to tell where they ended and the crowd began. This spacialization helped create a sonic bath for Willes' ascension drones. Though this piece was "only" a half-hour, the slow shifts in the sound field brought to mind music that uses extended duration as a means of evoking a trancelike state. Gorgeous stuff.

* My understanding that this is still in the working-titles-being-tossed-around stage. I will update if I hear word something else has been settled on.

1 Given that I now have a list in front of me, I might as well add that the ensemble on this night was:

  • Lina Allemano – trumpet
  • Anne Bourne - cello
  • Allison Cameron – casiotone
  • Rob Clutton – bass
  • Jason Doell – Portuguese guitar + ebow
  • Daniel Harley – violin
  • Tom Richards – trombone
  • Germain Liu – floor-tom/cymbal
  • Katherine Watson – flute
  • Christopher Willes - sk1

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