Saturday, December 21, 2013

Recording: Anne Waldman & AroarA

Artist: Anne Waldman & AroarA

Poem: Gossamurmur

Recorded at Adelaide Hall ("Jason Collett's Basement Revue"), December 19, 2013.

Anne Waldman & AroarA - Gossamurmur

Full review to follow. Once upon a time, the poetry segment at Jason Collett's Basement Revues seemed like he plucked a poet from the next bar over and picked some musicians out of the crowd and threw them together on stage to see what happened. Now, programming of the series' shows in a larger venue, there's a chance to expand that reach a little, and this show saw AroarA come up from Montréal to back American poet Anne Waldman in what turned out to be an expansive mini-set. We got a sneak preview of a new collaborative project in progress, with Ariel Engle and Andrew Whiteman providing musical settings for Waldman's visionary feminist Matriot Acts, but for obvious reasons, I was also compelled by this piece about the value of archives. "Gotta keep the tapes going," instructed Waldman.

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