Monday, September 2, 2013

Recording: Musicircus Performers

Artist: Various Musicircus Performers

Song: Musicircus Montage

Recorded at Yonge-Dundas Square ("INTERsection Festival"), August 31, 2013.

Various Musicircus Performers - Musicircus Montage

Full review to follow. Filling in the space between mainstage acts, the fringes of the square were busy with small-scale performances from a variety of performers, encompassing quite a range: solo acrobatic yoga, synthesized flute, folk-punk, dramatic recitations of James Joyce, and human-contact-triggered samples were all in evidence. This recording takes some snippets from all the above and more, weaving them together as you might have heard while wandering around the square — and with traffic and random passers-by as much a part of the sound-world as the musicians.

Bonus! You can check out some photos of the Musicircus performers, as well as some of the other festival happenings, at the MFS Facebook page.

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