Sunday, September 8, 2013

Recording: Matt "Doc" Dunn

Artist: Matt "Doc" Dunn

Song: Cassette Store Day [excerpt]*

Recorded at Sonic Boom ("Cassette Store Day"), September 7, 2013.

Matt "Doc" Dunn - Cassette Store Day [excerpt]

Full review to follow. Cheers to Sonic Boom, who are, once again, supporting community engagement and local music by allowing local labels to set up in their store and sell their wares directly to the curious at Cassette Store Day's tape fair. They also had live performances from some adventurous musicians — exactly the sort of left-of-the-dial stuff that thrives in cassette culture.

Musical visionary Doc Dunn led off the on-stage portion of the day, and while he's a genius with gentle, sublime sounds, this serving was a little noisier, but still delivered with a slightly frazzled raga-fied vibe.

* As far as I know, this improvised piece doesn't have a formal title.

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