Saturday, December 15, 2012

Recording: Odonis Odonis

Artist: Odonis Odonis

Song: Wipeout Beat

Recorded at Polyhaus ("Feast in the East 20"), December 14, 2012.

Odonis Odonis - Wipeout Beat

Full review to follow. I've been keen on Odonis Odonis for a little while now, and it's fascinating to see them continue to hone their sound. Given the consensus view among fans of a certain sort of abrasive/smeary pop (you'll find their copies of JAMC's Automatic stuffed under their mattresses) that OO are bound for bigger things, it can feel like a bit of a slowly-unfolding process in realtime, but they're meticulously putting the elements in place. They've got a setlist filled with new songs that's no longer reliant on the Hollandaze album, and we'll hearing more of those once an EP drops in springtime. Bigger things (world domination?) to follow.

Meanwhile, once more I must give huge props to Tad and everyone else who makes each and every Feast in the East show a unique experience. From Alicia Nauta and Joele Walinga's rather superb Mexican stew to Jesi The Elder's art, there was a lot of work put into making this a really pleasing environment. The start of the year is often a quiet time for finding good gigs, so we should be thankful that 2013 is going to get going in the best way with the next instalment on Friday, January 4, featuring a rather enticing lineup of Yacht Club, Digits, Beta Frontiers and Miss Elizabeth — an excellent time to make that big step unto the mysterious east.

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