Friday, December 21, 2012

Recording: Kevin Drew

Artist: Kevin Drew

Song: Good Sex

Recorded at The Great Hall ("Jason Collett's Basement Revue"), December 20, 2012.

Kevin Drew - Good Sex

Full review to follow. Bringing the revue out of the basement coziness of the Dakota Tavern and into the much larger confines of the Great Hall, Jason Collett still managed to convince the audience to act as if they were in a small, intimate space, keeping quiet to listen to poets and gentle songs. Scaling things up meant that this would be less of a night to shine a light on some emerging artists and more of an opportunity for old friends to get together.

Y'know those stories about punk shows where the band's repertoire is so small that they simply play their set twice? Well, Broken Social Scene mainman Kevin Drew and co. had just one song rehearsed as they debuted some new material, and as it finished, Drew seemed to be having enough fun that he led the band through it for a second time. "Was that egotistical?" he asked afterward. Just like that incident, this song has his familiar fingerprints all over it, and was presented by a crew of longtime friends and collaborators including Ohad Benchetrit, Dave Hamelin, Dean Stone and Charles Spearin. Drew mentioned that they've been recording, so there should be more like this to come.


  1. a friend just introduced me to your blog and WOW, amazing stuff!!! I'm always chasing stuff about BSS and Feist, I can't understand how I never saw your blog before. But now I did it, and I'm very glad. Also, as a huge fan of BSS and Kevin Drew, this post just made my day. So thank you very very much!!

    a random question, just in case: did you go to Do Make Say Think concert on december 8th?

    1. Thanks! I sort of expected something like this would happen at this show, but it was a bit lucky to have been there.

      And no, I didn't make it to the DMST gig.