Saturday, December 8, 2012

Recording: Claudia Chan + Véronique Mathieu

Artist: Claudia Chan + Véronique Mathieu

Song: "A song of sorts", "Blues for Anton", "Fantasy" — Three Movements from Fragments [composer: Derek Johnson]

Recorded at The Music Gallery, December 7, 2012.

Claudia Chan + Véronique Mathieu - Three Movements from Fragments

Full review to follow. Another interesting segment of the MG's Emergents Series, featuring Claudia Chan (piano) and Véronique Mathieu (violin) playing pieces both individually and together. There's some most pleasing frissons in this excerpt from American composer Derek Johnson.

The full listings for the MG's second half of the season will be hitting the streets soon, but do be aware that there are three more Emergents shows to come in the next few months — and the next one will include a musician more familiar on these pages. More deets soon, but do keep February 1, 2013 free in your day planners.

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