Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Recording: MV & EE

Artist: MV & EE

Songs: Environs + Feelin' Fine

Recorded at The Silver Dollar Room, November 19, 2012.

MV & EE - Environs + Feelin' Fine

Full review to follow. "See the losers in the best bars / Meet the winners in the dives." — no disrespect to Uncle Neil, who I hear was putting on a pretty good show down the road, but my preferred choice was to get a little more elbow room at a show that promised no few psychedelic pills of its own. Closing out a two-month tour, Matt Valentine and Erika Elder (joined here by T.O. connection Matt "Doc" Dunn) finished off the night with this extended jam. P.S.: that's a banjo at the start that's making those sitar-like noises.

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