Thursday, November 15, 2012

Recording: Adam Scime

Artist: Adam Scime

Song: Voice of Eru (for solo double bass and electronics)

Recorded at The Music Gallery ("Emergents I"), November 15, 2012.

Adam Scime - Voice of Eru

Full review to follow. Not sure who Eru is, but my impression is that they are not the bearer of good news in this somewhat apocalyptic composition performed by Scime (pronounced "she may") with bowed double bass to the accompaniment of a backing track of highly manipulated recordings of the same instrument. Although this comes from the art music world, it should be comprehensible to anyone who digs, say, Godspeed You! Black Emperor or music of that ilk.

Scime caught the city's attention earlier this year with his "Rob Ford: An Operatic Life", and here presented a variety of compositions, from electro-acoustic noise to solo chamber piano to an excerpt from a new operatic work.

It was all part of a very successful launch to this year's "Emergents" series at The Music Gallery, which presents the next generation of risk-taking performers in the classical/new music realm. It also rewards risk-taking audiences, offering a very affordable $10 ticket to see a well-chosen night of exciting music (it's an amazingly even cheaper five bucks for MG members!). The next instalment is coming up on December 7th and is recommended to anyone who wants to expand their musical horizons a little.

P.S.: The Music Gallery has just unveiled a very user-friendly online ticketing system, so it's easier than ever to take in a show there.

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