Sunday, November 25, 2012

Recording: The Highest Order

Artist: The Highest Order

Songs: That's How I Got To Memphis [Tom T. Hall cover] + Mind Odyssey [Spur cover]

Recorded at The Silver Dollar Room, November 24, 2012.

The Highest Order - That's How I Got To Memphis

The Highest Order - Mind Odyssey

Full review to follow. If you haven't been heading out to shows lately, you might not have noticed that Simone Schmidt has actually been having a busy year, debuting a whole lot of new songs under a couple different artistic identities. So far, it hasn't added up to a whole lotta released material, just a couple 7" singles like the one being released tonight. 2013 should see that change, with full-lengths slated from both Fiver as well as this unit.

The first set, featuring Stew Crookes on pedal steel, actually didn't sound all that different than full-band Fiver sets, but the second set with some extra guitar from Quest For Fire's Chad Ross gave a bit of a clearer idea of the psychedelic twang envisioned as this unit's core identity. There were several new originals sprinkled throughout both sets (keep an eye out for "Chain Mail" and "200 Pounds") as well a a whole bunch of covers. The pair here, with Cookes and Ross respectively, give a bit of a feel for the different flavours the band was working on and imparting with their interpretive skills. Word is that the full-length is slated for a February release, so I'm sure we'll be having another night with the band 'round then.

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