Monday, February 1, 2021

Monday Roundup #3

In the absence of concert listings, my regular Monday dispatches have fallen off. After bringing some life to the blog with the "bumping into" series, I figure I should get back in the groove. I'm guessing that this will be a bit like what used to get shoved into the end of the post when I was doing listings — some bandcamp suggestions, nods to a few livestreams, and sundry community notes (email me if you have anything that needs broadcast in the latter category!). Plus maybe a look back through the MFS archives.

Community notes:

  • The big news of the week was the announcement of this year's Women From Space Festival. Last year's edition remains vivid in my mind, not only for being the last "regular" shows I went to in the before-time, but even more for its excellent vibe and programming. Organizers Bea Labikova and Kayla Milmine are attending to both of those things, with another intruigingly-mixed lineup including Denise Solleza & Madeleine Ertel, Britta B & Pursuit Grooves, Thanya Iyer featuring Anh Phung, Laura Barrett/ SlowPitchSound/Mairi Greig, Eve Egoyan, Fides Krucker & Tania Gill and plenty more. But they're also fostering a vibe as well, this time as purveyors of the Holobox Theatre, a "miniature tabletop stage where performances come to life as holograms". The whole thing is being streamed (in standard two dimesions as well) on March 6 to 8.

Livestream nation:

  • Keep your receptors tuned to TURNONANDBENOTALONE on Wednesday and Thursday this week for the Music Gallery's presentation of a "multi-channel audio and visual installation, activated by a series of four solo instrumental performances" (by Amahl Arulanandam, Yang Chen, Sara Constant, and Émilie Fortin) assembled/curated/composed by Jason Doell. I don't entirely know what that means either, but as part of the MG's efforts to make livestreams into more than just a filmed performance, it seems intruiging. And in the meantime, there's a cool lava lamp effect bloobering away on the event's homepage.

It happened this week...

  • ... on February 5, 2016 as part of Nite Comfort 41 at Handlebar.
Tenderness - unknown
  • ...on February 2, 2014 in the Southern Cross Lounge.
Allison Cameron and D. Alex Meeks - [end of first set]

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Bandcamp corner:

Don't forget it's bandcamp Friday this week, from midnight to midnight Pacific time on the 5th. That gives you a few days to share recommendations with your pals! Here's a couple things that I've been waiting to grab...

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