Sunday, April 12, 2020

Recording: Sam Newsome & Kayla Milmine

Artist: Sam Newsome & Kayla Milmine

Songs: [two excerpts from second piece]

Recorded at Burdock Music Hall (Women From Space Festival – Night 3), March 7, 2020.

Sam Newsome & Kayla Milmine - [excerpt 1 from second piece]

Sam Newsome & Kayla Milmine - [excerpt 2 from second piece]

It's generally acknowledged that the key to a successful sequel is in making things bigger and more explosive while staying true whatever it was that made the original feel special and unique. The second annual Women From Space Festival applied that maxim to great effect, cosmically expanding in all directions while nourishing its core ideal of creating Space for a diverse range of women-centred creative expressions. Festival co-founder Kayla Milmine took the opportunity to bring her teacher and mentor Sam Newsome to the festival, offering a rare duo set of avant-approaches to soprano saxophone. Two stacks of preparations on the stage saw both players put aside their reeds for tubes and duck calls, but Milmine didn't attempt to outdo Newsome on that score as he deployed a vacuum hose, balloons, windchimes, etc. etc.

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