Friday, April 3, 2020

Recording: Michael Mansourati

Artist: Michael Mansourati

Piece: Solo Tuba Music [composer: Cort Lippe]

Recorded at The Music Gallery (Emergents II), March 1, 2020.

Michael Mansourati - Solo Tuba Music

The second instalment of the season's Emergents series brought Montréal's Bakarlari to town. This three-member group is a collective of soloists, dedicated to pushing the boundaries and extending the solo repertoire for their instruments. Extended techniques (and several bursts of whimsy) were common features in the pieces they presented. Tubist Michael Mansourati incorporated some palm smacks on his mouthpiece and tinfoil stomping pads underfoot into this selection.

[Owing to the pandemic, the Music Gallery has cancelled or postponed the remaining events in its season. In the interim, keep an eye out for some new methods of art-sharing, plus some glimpses into the MG's audiovisual archives.]

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