Friday, March 20, 2020

Recording: Scott M2 + Raphael Roter

Artist: Scott M2 + Raphael Roter

Song: [improvisation]

Recorded at Hirut Restaurant (Exit Points #1), February 26, 2020.

Scott M2 + Raphael Roter - [improvisation]

This new series is an initiative by the collaboratively-minded Michael Palumbo, bringing some electronic experimentation to the east end. It was also a bit of a social experiment and a step "out"-ward for host Hirut Restaurant, but, at least for this initial outing, a successful one, drawing a nice crowd. A sign of the series' community orientation was given in the final set, which was treated as an open and informal jam, allowing musicians who played in the first two sets to recombine, along with any audience members who brought along something to play. Or, in this case, Scott McGregor Moore was enlisted to take a spin on Michael Palumbo's modular synth in this brief encounter with percussionist Raphael Roter, which resulted in some rather tasty accidental acid jazz.

[As with all things in these extraordinary times, upcoming shows are suspended in the exercise of social distancing. Keep an eye out on the series' FB page for news of its reappearance.]

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