Thursday, March 12, 2020

Recording: ADO + BUDi + Special Costello

Artist: ADO + BUDi + Special Costello

Songs: Structured Improvisation + [excerpt from second piece]

Recorded at Wenona Lodge, February 18, 2020.

ADO + BUDi + Special Costello - Structured Improvisation

ADO + BUDi + Special Costello - [excerpt from second piece]

Covering Karen Ng's regular night in her absence, Jeremy Costello + co. put together this evening of improvised sounds, playing first separately and then as a trio. Together, they explored a lot of terrain, starting with the first piece here which was based around a backing track prepared by drummer Nathan Doucet and previously unheard by the others. Sounding like some debased M-Base (or maybe Prime Time going for a ride on Sun Ra's spaceship) this turned into some fiery outsider funk, with Nick Dourado spraying soprano sax notes around. He'd move up to his bigger horn for the second selection here, leaning into some Coltrane riffs.

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