Friday, October 26, 2018

Recording: Victor Cirone & Colin Fisher

Artist: Victor Cirone & Colin Fisher

Song: [second section]

Recorded at Café Pamenar's back patio, September 20, 2018.

Victor Cirone & Colin Fisher - [second section]

A mildly-unsettled evening for the season's final patio show, with a piquant breeze and a few raindrops just before showtime. The forecast was calling for a late-evening warming pattern but instead there was a bit more of a hint of a autumnal chill in the air. Ever since I saw this duo make their formal live debut together they've been playing occasional gigs but I hadn't checked back in with them until now. With Cirone's tabla providing the propulsion, Fisher added textures on guitar and sax, with pads and loops often creating multiple layers for him to drift above.

[Colin Fisher will be playing a duo set alongside tar master Araz Salek at Track Could Bend #44 on Tuesday, November 6th at Wenona Lodge.]

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