Sunday, March 11, 2018

Recording: NAVI

Artist: NAVI

Song: excerpt*

Recorded at Belljar Café (Track Could Bend #35), February 6, 2018.

NAVI - [excerpt]

The last time I saw NAVI perform, they brought a rather substantial set-up to Handlebar's stage — so though while they still had a respectable heap of gear for this set, it was definitely scaled back. Matthew Romerein handled modular synth and other electronics while Justin Huang Ford had his own keybs and pedals — as well as some fuzzed-out bass to add some looming menace beneath the pair's entomological explorations.

[NAVI will be back at Handlebar on Sunday, May 6th. Track Could Bend will be off-site at Array Space for a special Third Anniversary celebration on Tuesday, April 3rd. The night will feature an all-star assortment of performers from the past year's TCB events playing in "bands from a hat" — ad hoc ensembles selected at random shortly before playing.]

* I suspect that this discrete chunk of the pair's continuous semi-improvised suite contains the seed elements of a song that will have a title of its own.

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