Friday, March 2, 2018

Recording: Andréa Tyniec with Terri Hron

Artist: Andréa Tyniec with Terri Hron

Song: Love Song for MAD [excerpt]

Recorded at Buddies in Bad Times Cabaret ("Soundstreams' Ear Candy: Almost Unplugged"), February 1, 2018.

Andréa Tyniec with Terri Hron - Love Song for MAD [excerpt] [composer: Terri Hron]

Soundstreams' Ear Candy series is "dedicated to musical exploration and discovery in Toronto’s hottest venues", creating intimate experiences in smaller spaces and bringing together contemporary performance practices that might be just a hair too edgy for their mainstage shows. This night featured two highly-skilled violinists approaching their instrument from different angles finding common ground. Playing a Stradivari violin, Tyniec represented the world of serious music and serious chops, displaying a deft command of delicate dynamics on pieces from Eugène Ysaÿe and Michael Oesterle. But she also showed an eagerness to embrace new musical forms on this electroacoustic collaboration with composer Terri Hron, which digs into the letters, cassettes and films of her parents and grandparents (as detailed in her companion notes to the piece).

[The Ear Candy series returns to Buddies on Tuesday May 15th with Beat It!, a percussion-based programme from Ryan Scott & co. featuring a world premieres from composers Nicole Lizée and Michael Oesterle. Meanwhile, Soundstreams' Salon 21 programme has been re-branded as Encounters and has a new home at The Gladstone. These shows are free with registration and offer adventurous programming, so they're a great way to discover something new. Performers for the next couple shows haven't been announced (keep an eye out here) but there was a note to save-the-date for April 10th (evening show) and June 3rd (afternoon show).]

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