Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Recording: Sound of the Mountain

Artist: Sound of the Mountain

Song: [edited excerpt]

Recorded at Handlebar (Track Could Bend #28), July 4, 2017.

Sound of the Mountain - [edited excerpt]

Elizabeth Millar (clarinet) and Craig Pedersen (trumpet) have been working on this electroacoustic project for awhile now, so it was no surprise to see them in full control of their extended technique, carefully mic-ing the breath-sounds and buttons of their instruments to create a living soundscape seeping into all corners of the room and creating all sorts of "effects" without the use of pedals or laptops. The pair were celebrating an excellently-crafted album (recorded by Thierry Amar at Hotel2Tango) with a westward journey across the country — an adventure as big as their sounds suggest.

[Track Could Bend returns to The Steady tonight (August 1st) with Invisible Out's social media complications, Tom Richards' shoreline synth drones and BABEL's last ever (!?) performance.]

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