Thursday, August 10, 2017

Recording: Saxsyndrum

Artist: Saxsyndrum

Song: Maceo*

Recorded at Prairie Drive Park (Feast in the East 63), July 8, 2017.

Saxsyndrum - Maceo

A return to Prairie Drive Park after last year's initial excursion had another excellent lineup and even better weather. Free food for all gave locals and musical tourists a chance to mingle together and it was a real treat to hear music echoing through the well-used park. Essential city-building work from Toronto Arts Foundation's Arts in the Parks initiative — hopefully this will continue every summer.

This Montréal art-rock trio brought all the things their name suggests. When they began playing, a large hawk was circling overhead, the underside of its wings catching the fading golden evening sun — it's just possible it was looking for the source of the seagull squawks generated by Dave Switchenko's heavily-reverbed saxophone. Languishing hints of funk quite appropriate for the damp cool of the evening beginning to descend over the park.

* Thanks to Nick for passing along the title to this one!


  1. hey Joe, this is Nick from Saxsyndrum. I'm a big fan of your recordings! thanks for this. the song is called Maceo, it's on our upcoming album. all the best!