Friday, June 30, 2017

Recording: Steve Sladkowski & Joe Sorbara

Artist: Steve Sladkowski & Joe Sorbara

Songs: [two excerpts from first piece]

Recorded at The Steady Café (Track Could Bend #27), June 6, 2017.

Steve Sladkowski & Joe Sorbara - [first excerpt from first piece]

Steve Sladkowski & Joe Sorbara - [second excerpt from first piece]

I asked Joe Sorbara to come out and do something he wouldn't do at one of his usual sets — a tall order given the range of musicians he plays with on the regular. He thought about that for a second or so, and then asked if he could bring one of his old students out to perform with. That would have been cool in any case, but got even more intriguing when he mentioned that former student was Steve Sladkowski. I knew that Sladkowski had been involved with the improvised music scene in Guelph back in his student days, but he's been quite busy more recently being a rock star. Sitting face-to-face with Sorbara (and his assortment of percussive bricabrac), some old instincts kicked in, and soon he was clawing at his strings to Sharrock along. This might have some more pronounced dynamics than what he's been playing recently, but it was an evidently joyful musical encounter.

[Track Could Bend is back at The Steady on Tuesday (July 4th), with Montréal's Sound of the Mountain as well as Ami Spears' solo project Blue Light and Body of Waste (Adam from Retired).]

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