Friday, June 16, 2017

Recording: Anamai

Artist: Anamai

Songs: Hailstorm + Air to Blood

Recorded at Smiling Buddha, May 14, 2017.

Anamai - Hailstorm

Anamai - Air to Blood

Playing in a backlit green haze, Anna Mayberry looked comfortably ensconced in some sort of glowing mystic swamp. With collaborator David Psutka bringing up the rear, she was flanked by vocalists Allie Blumas and Emily Ekelund, who were turned inward to face each other rather than the audience. That created a safe and cozy spot from which the players could meditate upon the songs from What Mountain, stretching them out with long, patient builds. Even when it's played at concert volume, this is delicate music that really needs the room's full attention to keep it buoyant. This release-show crowd was on side with that, and as such, I might not get a second chance to hear these songs presented so well.

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