Sunday, March 12, 2017

Recording: WLMRT

Artist: WLMRT

Songs: Jumps + Brainfeel

Recorded at Monarch Tavern (Wavelength SEVENTEEN – Girls Rock Camp Toronto All Ages Matinee), February 18, 2016.

WLMRT - Jumps

WLMRT - Brainfeel

An absurdly-beautiful spring-like afternoon saw the patios filling up along College Street — very unusual Wavelength festival weather. The mood was equally warm inside the Monarch, where this afternoon show was co-presented with Girls Rock Camp Toronto. This quintet brought some youthful punkrock energy to the afternoon — "punk" in the way the genre is based as much on being bored and watching TV as it is on smashing the state. That manifested in songs about podcasts and skateboarding, delivered with a sly smile, manic energy and synth-fuzz around the edges — WLMRT are the sort of punks whose audience blow bubbles at them. Enormous fun that you can check out through some lo-fi recordings on their bandcamp.

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