Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Recording: Julie Doiron & The Wrong Guys

Artist: Julie Doiron & The Wrong Guys

Songs: You Wanted What I Wanted + Farther From You

Recorded at The Garrison (Wavelength SEVENTEEN – Night 2), February 18, 2017.

Julie Doiron & The Wrong Guys - You Wanted What I Wanted

Julie Doiron & The Wrong Guys - Farther From You

Without the inexpensive energy-drink RSVP crowd jamming the place early on (and the return of General Chaos' swirling lights) this felt like a proper Wavelength. Programming-wise, this was the "rock" night, giving things a proper Saturday night feel. This collaboration between Julie Doiron, the Cancer Bats' rhythm section and Eamon McGrath has been a part-time affair for five years now, so it's exciting to see it entering a new phase. Retreating to collaborate on some new songs, there's now an album in the can and the band was eager to showcase them in this set. That lead to some new elements — more than just Doiron's songs being covered with an extra dollop of heaviness, there were signs of a group dynamic emerging. Joking that she was jacked up on Altoids and lozenges, Doiron embraced the raw punk fury of these songs. With a fully-stocked merch table and everything, there's apparently more to look forward to, whenever this album makes its way out into the world.

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