Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Recording: Arrington de Dionyso

Artist: Arrington de Dionyso

Song: [excerpt from second piece]

Recorded at Array Space (Invocation Residency Series), August 26, 2016.

Arrington de Dionyso - [excerpt from second piece]

Arrington de Dionyso is based in the Pacific Northwest, but has been spending some time out NY way; this brief excursion into Canada saw him backed by an ad hoc Montréal quartet that included percussionist Pierre-Luc Simon (his foil on a new tape from Jeunesse Cosmique) as well as Raphael Foisy and Vicky Mettler. Especially with the latter pair on hand, things started in a cleansingly apocalyptic wall-of-noise zone before pulling back to explore some more subtle textures. De Dionyso played sax and bass clarinet as well as some homemade pvc pipe instuments that allowed interesting multiple voicings, while also offering some throat-singing mutter-howls (and occasionally pausing his playing for some tai chi-style moves). An hour of steady, kinetic energy and galloping creativity.

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