Friday, September 16, 2016

Recording: EONS

Artist: EONS

Songs: Leslie Spit + Birds [Neil Young cover]

Recorded at Church of St. Andrew by-the-lake, August 28, 2016.

EONS - Leslie Spit

EONS with Will Kidman - Birds

A trip out to the Island to see a gig in the Church of St. Andrew by-the-lake is always a treat, and this Sunday afternoon offered three sets where the performers kept overlapping in various ways. Misha Bower, Matt Cully and Will Kidman (with occasional contributions from Martha Farquhar-McDonnell, who'd had her own show in St. Andrew a couple months back) each provided some new offerings from their own songbooks as well as coming together for a trio of set-ending covers. A week after unveiling a bunch of new Bruce Peninsula songs over on the other side of the Island, Matt Cully and Misha Bower showed that their other project is getting closer to releasing its second album. This set ended with Matt Cully moving to the piano for another Neil Young song, with Will Kidman joining in on the choruses. [Do note this show was performed without microphones, so the sound of my recording is a bit raw — if you listen closely, you can hear the whir of the overhead fan, and occasionally the drone of the cicadas outside.]

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