Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Recording: HEX

Artist: HEX

Song: Always Me*

Recorded at Artscape Gibraltar Point (Camp Wavelength), August 20, 2016.

HEX - Always Me

Following and expanding on the template of last year's successful festival, Wavelength returned to the island with a meticulously-executed event that included an exciting range of music and a beach full of art beside festival headliner Lake Ontario. It also managed to be a stress-reducing rather than a stress-inducing time — rather like a weekend at the cottage, even if the city was just out of view.

Campers got a rock'n'roll wake up call to start Saturday with an energy jolt from bad-ass trio HEX. Another inspiring product of Girls Rock Camp, it almost does a disservice to point out these players' youth, as there was nothing lacking in their composure or attitude, bringing a Sleater-Kinney-ish guit-guit-drums lineup and some of Babes in Toyland's canabalistic howl.

[HEX will be playing Smiling Buddha alongside Beige and Sigil (a new project with members of Frigs/HSY) on Thursday, September 15th.]

* Thanks to Kritty for passing along the title to this one!

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