Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Recording: Frustrations

Artist: Frustrations

Song: Dreamt

Recorded at Owl's Club, July 21, 2016.

Frustrations - Dreamt

Scouted out by some of the same crew that had put together the Four Corners gigs, this night took the action out of the typical bar setting and into the Legion Hall. As the crowd arrived, the room got close and humid, then sauna-like. One got the impression this was a different vibe than the weekly euchre tournament. (Though maybe those get intense, too.) There was a faint mustiness in the air that reminded me of the specific smell of an old canvas tent my family had when I was young — a hot, sticky summer smell. This was actually more or less a totally appropriate vibe for this show, and the closest thing we're gonna get to a Four Corners for the time being.

"Detroit-style rock'n'roll" gets you part of the way with nailing the sound of this Motor City trio, but their sound was also leavened with plenty Wipers-styled punk and a couple psych excursions.

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