Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Recording: Heather Saumer + Doug Tielli

Artist: Heather Saumer + Doug Tielli

Songs: The Forlorn Stranger + The Forsaken Mermaid

Recorded at Ratio (Somewhere There Presents), May 12, 2016.

Heather Saumer + Doug Tielli - The Forlorn Stranger

Heather Saumer + Doug Tielli - The Forsaken Mermaid

"Forlorn & Forsaken" would be an excellent name for a folk duo, although in this case Heather Saumer and Doug Tielli seemed to be having too much fun to qualify for the moniker even as they dipped into some darker material from that ace songwriter Trad. Arr. (plus the likes of Hank Williams and Carla Bley). Each with their trombone and accentuated by autoharp, guitar and singing saw, the pair took turns singing — a revelation especially from Saumer. Casual and intimate, all this set was lacking was a veranda and a porch swing.

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