Friday, May 27, 2016

Recording: Brodie West & Fleshtone Aura

Artist: Brodie West & Fleshtone Aura

Song: [excerpt]

Recorded May 25, 2016 at The Tranzac's Southern Cross Lounge (Wolf's Nacho Wednesdays).

Brodie West & Fleshtone Aura - [excerpt]

From now on, the late slot at The Tranzac on Wednesdays is being curated by Healing Power's Wolfgang — who will also have nacho platters on offer along with a variety of cool musics. On this first run of the night everything went quite swimmingly (although there's hopes yet that a promised earlier start time will be taken up as well).

Besides a rare preview of Doc Dunn singing some of the piano-based songs from his forthcoming Wolfking of T.O. opus, the night also featured an appearance from this occasional collaboration between Brodie West's saxophone and Andrew Zukerman's analog synth. The two played off each other in a variety of ways — in this stretch you can hear Zukerman's bubbling burbles doubling West's sax percolations, though at other times he added more abstract counterpoints. There was also their closing opus "Up and Down", which I will leave undescribed to increase the anticipation of future audiences.

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