Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Recording: Germaphobes

Artist: Germaphobes

Song: Magic Eye

Recorded at The Silver Dollar Room (Wavelength 690 – Class of 2016 #5), January 22, 2016.

Germaphobes - Magic Eye

Presenting as part of Dan Burke's annual next-big-thing "Class of" series, this night saw Wavelength at its most Silent Shout-y, presenting projects whose sounds skewed towards various points on the electronic/dance continuum. Germaphobes (who'd dropped a tasty Pleasance EP a couple months back) were the night's most "rock band"-y outlier, but their new wave bop commotion had a reasonably body-moving effect on the crowd.

[Germaphobes will be playing Smiling Buddha on Saturday night (February 6th) with Montréal's Corridor.]

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